Let's rise beyond all adversity to reach new heights of success!

Creating pipelines to educational opportunities

We want to keep our social workers, partners, media and the public up to date on what's going on with Phoenix and our youth.  We will keep you posted.


We pledge to be the change we wish to see in the world.  We will continue to grow in experience, capacity, and innovation to seek and find solutions to problems and pathways to success for foster youth.


There is no shortage of work to be done and Phoenix aims to be a the forefront of the movement to revolutionize the live of foster youth.  Here are ways you can help.

Phoenix International's Independent Living Program was founded to facilitate life skills and support resources to enable our participants to achieve success on their own terms!  One way we accomplish this is by extending our corporate culture of BEYOND into our interactions, programming, and expectations of the youth.  We daily live the ideal that going BEYOND will be the strategy that will allow them to elevate themselves into a life BEYOND any expectations they ever thought possible.  Our ILP provides room, board, watchful oversight, community, life skills and both academic and vocational support.



Our vision is one of a far brighter tomorrow, one in which our participants will light the way as does the great Phoenix.  Phoenix participants will be well-rounded, mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy; civic minded contributors to society.  They will lead their peers BEYOND excellence; fueled by the knowledge, experiences, and drive instilled within them, from the tools gained while in our program.

Social workers are the pulse and lifeline of ILP services.  We value you.  We have posted resources and info on how to make placements and partner with us.



Ending youth homelessness and poverty


Let’s rise above and beyond all adversity!


We are a corporation founded specifically to design and create positive social and economic change.  We do this by creating stable foundations for youth who are aging out of Foster Care. We know the value of information and inspiration.  We are working with the State of Georgia Department of Family and Children Services to define new realities for foster youth. Foster youth all over the country are aging out of vital social services, and being left without proper social, economic, and personal support.  As such, this often leads to homelessness, crime, and in many cases incarceration for teens and young adults within this demographic. Our Independent Living Program Helps to re-frame this reality by giving the youths tools to sustainable independent success.

Leading Youth to careers and entrepreneurship