Program Requirements

​-Follow all ILP Rules, Regulations and Procedures

-Maintain School Enrollment and / or Employment

-Complete 2 or more Life Skills weekly

-Submit Work/School Schedules on the Phoenix App

-Submit Check Stubs on the Phoenix App

-Keep up with Medical and Dental Visits

-Complete 4 hours of Community Service per Month

-Be Available for Monthly Visits with Life Coach 

​-Attend all Mandatory Meetings and Events

Admissions Requirements

-Youth Age 18 to 21 unless a waiver is on file

-Youth Criminal Record Free of Felonies

-Youth Willing to abide by program policies

-Signed Application and Resident Handbook / Contract

The Individual needs to be productive and successful in order to achieve a productive and successful society.  Phoenix has developed an Independent Living Program with this important fact in mind. The aim of this program is to assist participants within the age range of 18-21 in the process of successfully transitioning from life at State Group Homes to living on their own.  This helps not only participants but the community as a whole.

Phoenix does this by providing safe clean housing, funds for nutritious food, and much needed life skills for all of the participants of the program.  Life skills such as communication, financial literacy, basic home economics, resume writing, interviewing skills, and introducing the importance of civic responsibility are a few that the core competencies of which the program focuses.

Phoenix has partnered with the newly renovated community of The Villages at Carver, to provide safe housing and community programming for our participants.  Counseling and classes will be held onsite in the Phoenix International Headquarters located in Midtown Atlanta just across the street from the Art Center MARTA Station.  We have created a hub and spoke system in which our headquarters are centrally located and all of our participants are housed around the city in MARTA accessible apartment communities.  

The premise of our program is based on the idea of full immersion.  We aim to change and elevate the participants experience in order to inspire them and broaden their horizons.  While inspiring them we will teach much needed life skills and pair them with businesses and professions to show them how this experience can be sustainable.  In essence, we want to show them that more is possible by allowing them to live and take on ownership of their own nice space and belongings. Give them the tools necessary to obtain a similar or better lifestyle and show them how to sustain it.

OUR life skills

We aim to give our participants the necessary tools for success.  We will do this through the delivery of a well rounded program including nutrition, physical fitness, civic mindedness, and key life skills.

Independent Living Program ILP

OUR Housing Partnership Location

Vital Life skills program overview


Assistance Offered


-Food and Incidental Stipend

-MARTA Transportation Assistance

-Emergency Food Pantry

-Emergency Clothing Closet

-Job Placement Assistance 


Let’s rise above and beyond all adversity!