Let’s rise above and beyond all adversity!



The philosopher Thomas Hobbes said:

Many of Phoenix’s residents and participants have similar backgrounds to the philosopher Hobbes, being from homes broken by death, disease, crime, or poverty.  If we can instill in them key life skills while introducing them to glimpses of what life has to offer; perhaps we can change or enlighten their world view and philosophy.  Ours’ is a philosophy of Beyond. We are willing to go one step further than everyone else is willing to go. Be beyond efficient, beyond expectation, and beyond excellence.  We deliver this philosophy through both our curriculum and our programs. The curriculum includes the following:

Home Economics

Home Economics or FCS Family and Consumer Science is the study dealing with the management of the home and community.  Phoenix’s HE/FCS modules deal with the essential skills our participants will need to fend for themselves in the real world, from cooking and cleaning for themselves, to negotiating utilities, and budgeting household bills and resources.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone manages to earn or make it, how that person manages it, how he/she invests it (turn it into more) and how that person donates it to help others.  Though this is a broad and pivotal field of study the traditional education system does little to expose students to its real world applications.  Phoenix intends to bridge that gap for our participants in covering such topics as budgeting, taxation, saving, investing, credit, and insurance. 


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively.  Phoenix’s STEM module is an introduction to these fields as well as remedial and or refresher basics.  An additional goal of this module is to assist participants in rising to the standards of entry at colleges if that is their chosen path.


Brilliance is wasted if it cannot be properly conveyed.  Communications is the basis for all interaction in society.  Phoenix intends to give its’ participants a better chance at success in instilling a good grasp of interpersonal, professional or business, and leadership communications.  This module will also entail resume writing, interviewing skills, and speech and or presentation delivery.


Proper Etiquette is most necessary for success in the business world.  Phoenix wants to give its participants not only a shot at self-sufficiency through obtaining a job, but a shot at excelling in the business world. Our etiquette module is one tool to help make that happen.  This module will include instruction, demonstration, and immersion exercises on business dress, formal dress, fine dining, and cultural awareness.